The Rising Need for Clean Ducts

We believe the ducts of a home/office to be similar to the trachea of a human being. The trachea is responsible for maintaining a regular air supply to the lungs. In retrospect, the duct is important in this case because the duct circulates the air that reaches your nose before it can be pumped into your lungs. Such is the role of the ducts at home/office.

We believe in detoxifying our body or cleaning out our system, and yet we forget to treat our immediate surroundings with the same care and attention. This usually impacts your life in the worst possible way, unless you plan to keep moving into a new house every year.

The following reasons should elaborate the need for clean ducts:

  • Build up in the ducts not only makes you want to speed up the air conditioner, leading to higher bills; it also circulates loose particles from that build up into your home, every moment of the day.
  • Melbourne has a nice chilly weather in most parts of the year. However, due to fluctuations between warm weather and cold weather like we have experienced just last week, illness creeps in. The cold, flu and other airborne diseases are free flowing in the environment. You have lesser chances of contracting it when you’re outside. This is due to the natural windy conditions that purify the air around you every second. However, if these viruses accumulate within your duct, it can create multiple complications over an extended duration of time.
  • In the case of offices and other work places, the tendency of duct build up is multiplied exponentially as there are people coming in from all different kinds of environments, there are airborne particles from printers and fax machines and a whole lot of visitors popping in. Without having to elaborate much on this point, we recommend a professionally clean duct for all.