Bring a New Life to Your Tiles with the Best Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne

Did you know your acidic cleaner is damaging your tiles at home? Most of the tiles in Australian homes are porous, and acidic cleaners can damage them irreversibly. The days of harsh chemicals, scrubbing and rubbing the hard floors with brushes are over. No more broken fingernails and sore knees as we are here to your aid. You are keeping your tiles looking as good as new is a challenging task. As time flies, the floor tiles appear to be dirty, and grout lines get discoloured. It is, therefore, important to seek professional assistance. Mad About Cleaning is your one-stop destination for tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne. We bring your tiles back to life with our professional cleaning services.

As a homeowner, you think that occasional mopping and sweeping would be excellent for your tiles, but this is where the biggest problem is. Mopping and sweeping can make your tiles look in top condition, but the damage is happening deep inside as your tiles are only being cleaned superficially. Home areas like showers, kitchens, bathrooms, patios, laundries, pool surrounds and driveways have a stubborn share of gaps and dirt problems on the tiled surfaces which can be dealt only by professional cleaners. With Mad About Cleaning’s tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne, we provide cleaning inside the ridges and make sure every nook and corner is spick and span.

Mad About Cleaning provides you with sparkling floors. Cleaning of Tiles and grout through homely methods is not enough. Getting tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne has many benefits like

Extends the life

Our tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne not only makes your tiles clean and bright but also saves them from wear and tear. This prolongs the life of the tiles.

Saves Money

Tile and grout cleaning is one of the most challenging tasks. It needs proper training and the correct equipment. Opting for a professional tile and grout cleaning will save both money and the effort.

Healthier Environment

The most important aspect of hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning is that it creates a healthier environment. The tiles in your bathroom or around your pool can have allergens and mould, which could cause ailment. A thorough cleaning means no allergens or moulds, thus providing a healthier environment for your space.

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Benefits of our Tile and Grout Cleaning service:

Use of Quality Equipment

Mad About cleaning uses state of the art machinery coupled with a dedicated team to provide the perfect tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne.

Affordable Prices

We provide all our cleaning services at affordable prices without a compromise on the quality.

Deep Clean

Our expert team uses correct methods to bring out dirt and soil from the deep pores of the tiles and grout, giving it an astonishing new look.

Hygienically Healthy Tile & Grout

The high intensity of steam and powerful suction removes all the virus, bacteria, allergens, stains and moulds from the very core of your tiles.

Aesthetic Appeal

Clean and maintained tiles make space look brighter and larger. In addition to this, a clean tile and grout create a soothing atmosphere. It provides an aesthetic appeal to your space.

We provide tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne for various places like


The first thing that any visitor would notice at your home is the patio. Welcome your visitors to a clean and serene patio that always looks new with our tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne.


Driveways are the welcoming area of one’s house. The tile and grout in the driveway need to be cleaned regularly to avoid skid marks formation and dirt accumulation.


A clean shower will not only be a pleasure to the eyes but will also satisfy the need for hygiene. We provide you with the best tile and grout cleaning for showers.

Residential Kitchen

Tiny food particles can get accumulated in the gaps in your tile and grout over time. We remove every last bit of these and give you a brand new kitchen floor surface with our tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne.

Commercial Kitchen

Maintaining a commercial kitchen is a big challenge. It can turn into a nightmare overnight. There is a continuous heavy flow of food in and out with spills and stains that can severely harm the tile of the kitchen. Our top-notch and reliable tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne ensures you a healthy and happy kitchen.

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Why choose Mad About Cleaning:

  • On time every time
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • SAVES MONEY Cost effective cleaning services ie only quality work at fair price
  • Fully certified technicians Trained and fully equipped
  • Fully insured Up to 5 million public liability cover
  • GREEN CLEAN All chemicals are 100% australian and non toxic this means safe for kids and pets
  • Stubborn stain removal guarantee Special techniques for stubborn stains such as wine and coffee
  • A 100% GUARANTEED WORK on all jobs

3 Exclusive Carpet Cleaning Packages:

  • Pre – Inspection
  • Pre – Spray Conditioner
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Pre – Inspection
  • Pre Vacuum
  • Pre – Spray Conditioner
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Deodorising
  • Pre – Inspection
  • Pre Vacuum
  • Pre treat Stains
  • Pre – Spray Conditioner
  • Scrubbing Carpet with Soft Brush Pad
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Deodorising