Bring a New Life to Your Carpets with Carpet Restretching

Baggy Carpet? Don't Fret! We are Here to Your Rescue with the Best Carpet Stretching Service

A carpet is one of the most valuable assets of your home interior. It makes your home look elegant and sophisticated. When you initially lay it down, a carpet looks pristine, but it eventually starts losing its tension and stability over time. In simpler terms, if we were to say your carpet is like a woolen jersey, it stretches over time, and ripples start to appear.

The additional wrinkles that appear are more than those on a little pug's face, which is not acceptable on a carpet, any day. We know that nothing is as annoying as having wrinkled carpets in your home. They are just not unpleasant but also very risky as there are chances of getting hurt due to tripping and falling over. Our professional carpet stretching services come to your rescue.

Old carpets have loose sections, wrinkles and bumps, and over time they face wear and tear. This is the time when you need the best carpet stretching services. Our carpet stretching Melbourne technicians understand your carpets like no other and promise to give them a new life.

The carpet stretching process is simple, and one of the most economical solutions to bring your carpet to its original look and feel. Carpet stretching involves pulling the carpet tighter and re-securing it to its smooth edge, known as the anchor strips that are located along the perimeter of your room.

Causes for Carpet Buckling/Rippling


Your carpet will face wear and tear with time. Old carpets over a period of time not only tend to lose their shine but also their shape. They get wrinkles and ripples and start looking baggy. MAD About Cleaning provides you with the best and cheap carpet stretching services. Our experts understand your carpets and are renowned for providing the best professional carpet stretching services in Melbourne.

Poor Installation

It is said that only those things tend to live longer whose foundation is strong. The same goes for the carpet too. If the carpet installer doesn't lay the foundations correctly, then the carpet will loosen up sooner than later. Many-a-times, the carpet is installed by a non-professional to save money, but this can have severe adverse effects in the long run. During the carpet installation process, the carpet must be stretched tightly using a power stretcher. Additionally, if there is no correct distance between the wall and the anchor strips, the carpet can loosen up in a short time.


Drastic Climate Changes can cause your carpet to ripple. When the climate is highly humid, moisture from the air can cause the carpet to swell and create carpet bubbles and ripples in severe cases. Here you need the best carpet stretching Melbourne services from our experts.

Dragging Heavy Items

One of the biggest reasons for your carpet to need stretching is dragging heavy furniture across the room. When any heavy furniture is dragged or pulled across the room, it holds onto the carpet, causing it to stretch and lose its original beauty and shine.

When is Carpet Stretching Needed?

Mad About Cleaning employs a team of technicians who specialise in carpet stretching in Melbourne. We understand carpets like no other and use an array of tools and techniques to provide you with the best professional carpet stretching services. You need carpet stretching in the following scenarios

  • Wrinkled carpet
  • Bulged carpet
  • Carpet with bumps
  • Bubbled carpet
  • Carpet with waves
  • Rippled carpet

Mad About Cleaning provides specialised services that are suitable for almost all carpet styles and materials. We follow a step-by-step procedure, and all your experts answer all your questions patiently. We use a broad range of professional carpet stretching tools to bring back the shine of your carpet. Connect with our team today.

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Why choose Mad About Cleaning:

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  • Fully insured Up to 5 million public liability cover
  • GREEN CLEAN All chemicals are 100% australian and non toxic this means safe for kids and pets
  • Stubborn stain removal guarantee Special techniques for stubborn stains such as wine and coffee
  • A 100% GUARANTEED WORK on all jobs

3 Exclusive Carpet Cleaning Packages:

  • Pre – Inspection
  • Pre – Spray Conditioner
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Pre – Inspection
  • Pre Vacuum
  • Pre – Spray Conditioner
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Deodorising
  • Pre – Inspection
  • Pre Vacuum
  • Pre treat Stains
  • Pre – Spray Conditioner
  • Scrubbing Carpet with Soft Brush Pad
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Deodorising