Carpet Cleaning

Which Same Day Carpet Cleaning Services?

Carpets are a luxury for both residential and commercial spaces. Cleaning and maintaining those plush carpets at the earliest is also a must. But in today’s fast-paced life, Same Day Carpet Cleaning Services are often required. Be it at home or at the office, maintaining a healthy ambiance is necessary, by safeguarding the carpets from allergens, stains, bacteria, spill-spots, etc.

Choose your Same Day Carpet Cleaning Services wisely

Your Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service provider must:

1.Do a pre-inspection, pre-vacuum, and pre-spray conditioner
2.Use hot-water extraction treatment i.e. steam cleaning
3.Do a colour fastness test to determine an apt solution for carpet cleaning
4.Make sure the carpet treatment safeguards against flea and dust
5.Use non-toxic chemical powders that are environment friendly
6.Not alter the texture of the carpet after cleaning
7.Remove carpet beetles and moths
8.Not result in a carpet shading situation
9.Treat carpet shedding of loose fibers without damaging the rug
10.Use a pH balanced solution to go soft on the carpet
11.Lift dirt and dust from the carpet to freshen it up
12.Use organic cleaners

Also, be mindful that carpets absorb bad smells in the house, too. This requires regular vacuuming and cleaning of air filters. Same Day Carpet Cleaning Services, like; Mad About Cleaning can provide you the best solution for a non-toxic, pet and child-safe carpet cleaning.

Mad About Cleaning offers end-to-end cleaning services for residential or commercial cleaning. Based in Melbourne, We offer carpet cleaning services in 3 exclusive packages that include mattress cleaning, and leather cleaning, too.