Reason Behind Cleaning Your Carpets Regularly

With summer around and the warmer weather in most parts of the country, both homeowners and facility managers should think about regular cleaning of the carpets. There are many reasons behind not neglecting the carpets till they are soiled and ensuring regular maintenance. Mad About Cleaning describes many good reasons to have your carpets cleaned year round, regularly.

  1. Increased life expectancy : Professional cleaning and regular maintenance prolongs the life of the carpet. Extraction method and spot cleaning helps in significantly protecting your carpet, a major floor covering investment.
  2. Enhanced indoor air quality and hygiene: Carpets are well known for trapping air borne pollutants and causing health issues by entrapped soil, accumulated debris, mites, bacteria and dust. Regular cleaning removes these pollutants and allergens, protecting the indoor air quality with fresh smelling carpet fibres.
  3. Easy stain removal : Cleaning ensures that you don’t have to discard a costly carpet due to a stubborn stain or conceal discomforting spots, marks and dried spillages. Professional cleaners not only help in stain removal, but make sure that your carpets look as fresh as new.
  4. Appealing appearance : Clean and well-maintained carpets adds an aesthetic appeal to the home and the facility. Oldest of the carpets can look brand new following regular professional cleaning.
  5. Deodorisation : Most odours can be eliminated easily by professional carpet cleaning techniques. Nothing is more pleasing in the house or facility than a fresh smelling carpet.
  6. Easy maintenance : Most of the carpets are soiled by dry pollutants. Cleaning the carpet regularly with regular vacuuming ensures that these pollutants don’t embed in the carpet fibres, making it easier for you to maintain the carpet in long run.
  7. Maintenance of carpet warranty : Many carpet warranties require the carpets to be cleaned professionally within a specific amount of time, usually every 12 to 18 months. Regular professional cleaning promises a repair or replacement from the dealer or manufacturer, if necessary.

Do your carpets need a second chance at life? A good clean can make them as good as new. Mad About Cleaning offers specialist treatments to ensure a fresh, clean smelling carpet. For the best carpet cleaning services and tips in Australia, call us at 0435 811 838.