Less Clutter and More Space this Spring

The term spring cleaning has several meanings. The term originates from the 1850s but the idea has been applied for many centuries in countries such as China and Iran. Even without the premise of a special occasion, spring is a good time to get organised and feel new all over again. Keeping in mind hygiene and the desire to have a fresh new look to the home, here are some areas that you can turn to start this process:

  • The Kitchen

The kitchen might be used for the least time as compared to other rooms of the house. But handling food and liquids is bound to leave a mess behind. And over time this build up gets sticky and harder to remove. A good wipe with a disinfectant or an all-purpose cleaner on all surfaces, a brush through the tiles and grout and sanitising the sink all do wonders to give you a fresh kitchen.

  • The Windows

Glass is not corrosive; all the elements that make your windows cloudy or dirty can be washed away with a decent scrub. Building owners usually hire window cleaners to clean the outsides. However, the most smudges and prints are left on the interior side. Wiping with window cleaner and newspaper does the trick for mild cases of dust or marks. You can also hire professional cleaners for a long lasting wash.

  • De-clutter the Storage

Often the basements and large attic areas are storage piles for things that have not been used in many years, and probably won’t be used ever. It pays off to clear such stuff to make room for moving unnecessary items from the main living space. This shift of goods is bound to leave airy spaces in your home.

The above mentioned are just three of the many areas that need de-cluttering and thorough cleaning. For professional help with a good spring clean, contact us for a free quote.