Getting Home Sick or Sick At Home? (A Home Cleanliness Check)

You might wonder how your children or pets are getting sick even when you know that you have been thoroughly vacuuming your carpets and cleaning your kitchen and bathroom floors with disinfectants. However, all the research has pointed towards items and places within your home that have been hiding in plain sight. It is crucial for the long healthy life of your family that you inspect these areas and attend to them regularly with diligence.

Here is a list of common locations that you should pay attention to:

Kitchen Sink
You would be startled to know that we keep our toilet bowls cleaner than our sinks. Yet it is our sinks that prove to be a more habitable environment for illness causing bacteria (Long Island College Hospital of Brooklyn, New York). When dishes are left to soak with food residues it creates the ideal environment for an accelerated growth of bacteria.

Your toothbrush is your early morning friend, doing the hard job of cleaning the inside of your mouth and between your teeth. However, we simply wash it under running water and don’t pay any attention to this everyday tool. Toothbrushes should not be stored in closed cabinets or protective shells if they are damp. This is the best place for bacteria to land, stick and flourish. Also ensure that toilet seats are closed before you flush since the germs are known to float in your bathroom for two hours after open bowl flushing.

Computer Keyboards and TV Remote Controls
If you’ve not heard this one before, you really need to pay attention. Computer keyboards and remote controls act as large warehouses of bacteria and viruses. In a study done by a British consumer group, researchers took a close look at 33 keyboards out of which 4 had the potential of being called a health hazard by the Department of Quarantine. Users are known for notoriously using these items without washing their hands, while eating, sneezing and much more. This should be enough for you to know where the real damage is happening.

You can get in touch with us if you’d like to have a head start on the above mentioned areas and many more. After a one time professional treatment, you can be in a position to maintain these by yourself.