Five Secret Tips to Carpet Cleaning

Despite of your best efforts, proper care and maintenance of carpet can be a complex job. But what if, we say that by using some simple tricks, you can make your carpet look its best 365 days of the year. Below, we have come up with some tips by our experts for carpet cleaning that will extend the lifespan of your carpet and keep it looking brand new.

Tip #1: Get to the Stains Immediately

One of the effective strategies to carpet cleaning is dealing with the spots or stains immediately. This helps in maintaining the health of the carpet and prevents forming stains. If you wait for long and the stain sets, it will make the carpet cleaning process more difficult and time consuming.

Tip #2 : The Key is Blotting

Blotting is the proper way to clean your carpet, as rubbing or wiping can make a stain go deeper and cause any unnecessary damage to your carpet. You can dab the stains using a sponge, a clean cloth, or a paper towel along with a proper cleaning solution. Blotting the stain from the outside to the inside is the best technique as it avoids spreading the stain spot.

Tip #3: Regular Vacuuming Helps a Lot

Vacuuming your carpet is the most important step in carpet cleaning. Hence, take some extra time to vacuum your carpet every few weeks. This step will increase the life of your carpet and make it look brand new. It will reduce soil buildup and prevent the buildup of harsh particles.

Tip #4: Try Club Soda or Vinegar

If water alone doesn’t remove the stain on your carpet, consider club soda and vinegar to get rid of the stubborn stains. Mixing water with club soda and white vinegar makes a great carpet stain cleaner. This mixture helps to clean greasy, dry and chunky stains. Use of club soda while vacuuming helps to remove unpleasant odours from your carpet.

Tip #5 : Hire professionals!

Sometimes you will not be able to handle the difficult scenarios of carpet cleaning. At such times, don’t hesitate to hire a professional cleaning company. Getting your carpets cleaned with the help of experts will clean those deep stains and gain you more benefits.

Hope this tips will help you with carpet cleaning and make your task easy and hassle free. Happy Cleaning!