The Most Common Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked

Carpets are the biggest investments made for any home. Depending on the way you handle your carpet, it can ruin the look of your living space or make space look beautiful and well kept. Well, how many of you have heard of the myths which come along the carpet? How many of you are keen to debunk those myths with facts? Let us explore them all, together :

Myth : There is no need to hire a carpet cleaner if you own a carpet cleaning machine
Fact : Carpet cleaning machines work the best for routine purposes and for small stains, but they can’t replace the professional suction powered machines. The cleaners in most of the carpet cleaning companies are trained to handle the carpets depending on their size, manufacturing, use and warranty. It is much better for your carpets if the professional powerful motor machines are not replaced by domestic carpet cleaning machines.

Myth : Budget Carpet Cleaners are the ones who are cheaper
Fact : Never compromise quality for the money. It isn’t necessary that cheaper cleaners would definitely do a great job at the lesser price. Badly handled and unprofessional carpet cleaning can decrease the lifespan of your carpet and fail to remove the embedded microorganisms.

Myth : Carpet cleaning destroys stain resistance
Fact : More than the professional carpet cleaning, foot traffic destroys the stain resistance. It is highly recommended to re-apply stain resistance through professionals because it is never meant to be permanent. A good carpet cleaner would suggest to re-apply the stain resistance after every third cleaning process.

Myth : Only stained carpets need to be cleaned
Fact : Carpets are prone to building up of dirt and residues with time. The embedded grit, grime, and dirt can also house harmful bacteria and allergies causing pathogens. It is good for the environment of your house or office if the carpets are professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Myth : Vacuuming deteriorates the carpet’s condition
Fact : Vacuuming the carpet at least thrice a week is proven to be harmless and highly beneficial. It gets rid of the dirt which is harmful to your health and prevents building up of residue which can embed the carpet fibres. Vacuuming regularly can make your carpets smell fresh.

There are a lot of myths associated with carpet cleaning, both domestic and professional. Avoiding the myths and doing the best for your carpets is the best option. For best results and making your carpet gleam as new, avail professional carpet cleaning once a year. Mad About Cleaning ensures 100% satisfaction with it’s carpet cleaning services. For Melbourne and surrounding areas, call on 0435 811 838.