Cleaning Tips for Autumn and Winter Seasons

It’s that time of the year again! The leaves in your backyard and entry area will be falling! It’s time to do your winter clean-up and get your property ready for the Autumn and winter season.

Autumn and winter cleaning isn’t all about tidying, organising, but also about preparing our home for the upcoming colder weather.

Here are few tips you need to follow for your autumn and winter cleaning.

You can dust around your house during the whole year, however, there are few areas that need to be completely cleaned before winter comes.

  • We spend our most of the time in indoors much more during the winter months. Our carpets and upholstery, meanwhile, collect allergens and other pollutants much faster. This can negatively impact indoor air quality and possibly lead to illness. Why wait until spring to deal with this? Add carpet and upholstery cleaning in your autumn cleaning checklist.
  • Starting in the Autumn is the best time to deal with dirty curtains, drapes and windows. – the weather is not too hot, so there won’t be soap residues and marks left on the glass. In early autumn, the weather still allows you to hang your drapes and curtains outside after washing it. Check the caulking of your windows and doors exteriors and re-caulk if needed.
  • During the cold season, we cook a lot for the holidays. This is why it’s good to add kitchen cleaning to your autumn cleaning checklist.

Here are some more important autumn and winter cleaning tips you can follow:

  • Clean the gutters. Remove unwanted stuff, medicines, scrap and other debris.
  • Clean your chimney if you have a fireplace in your home.
  • Drain the pool (if you have one) and cover it.

Autumn cleaning doesn’t have to be an exhausting task!  Our professional cleaning company provide different services to fit your needs – to know more about our services, you can call our cleaning team today.