Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Experts

Carpets change the way your living spaces and workplaces look. They are the key towards brilliant interior designing and flooring material. The downside is that even with the best efforts to keep them clean, they eventually become dirty and require experts for quality maintenance.

Carpets are vulnerable to dust, odor, stains, dirt, grit and many other issues. They need regular cleaning to last longer and look better. Mad About Cleaning, gives you some professional tips which are used by the experts to clean carpets, everyday.

1. Vacuum the carpets once in a week : Carpets need regular vacuuming and more in the high traffic areas. Vacuuming prevents the gritty particles from building up in the deep pores of your carpets.

2. Use Organic Cleaners : Rather than using chemicals, use organic cleaners which are less harmful to the carpet fibre, kids and pets.

3. Don’t rub those blot stains : Rubbing results in getting the stains deeper in the carpet fibres. Blot the stains from the outside in, using a clean absorbent cloth/paper towels or sponge.

4. Check for colour fastness : Color fastness testing is used to know the level of fading or bleeding that happens with the material. This technique involves placing a plain white cloth (dampened with cleaning agent) on a small part of colored fabric of the carpet. It is advisable to let the dampened cloth be on the surface of the carpet for atleast an hour. This would determine the dye transfer that may occur from the carpet fabric. The same technique can be used to judge the most suitable solution to clean your carpets.

5. Buy a home-based carpet cleaning system : If you have young kids at home, this technique would work best for you. Though the initial investment cost is higher, these cleaning systems can be used as per your requirement. They also avoid the high expense of hiring an expert to clean your carpets everytime. Try only if you have time to undertake cleaning yourself.

6. Water extraction Methods : Don’t get the carpets overly wet when using steam cleaners. It causes damage to carpet by discoloration, shrinkage and odor. Additionally, use quality wet extraction solutions for quality results on your carpets.

7. Hire a Carpet Cleaning Expert : Hiring professionals comes with an advantage of more powerful equipment and professional expertise in carpet care. Prices vary according to the demographics and condition of the carpet.

The solutions and methods used for all the carpets vary according to what has actually made them dirty. We can use club soda and blotting for blood stains, dry-solvent spot cleaner for fat-based stains, enzymatic cleaner for urine stains, ice cube for the gum on your carpets and much more.

If the tips don’t work for you, Mad about Cleaning gives quality and cost-effective carpet cleaning services, for commercial and domestic customers. We take pride in our family owned and locally operated business past 10 years. For carpet cleaning services all across Melbourne, you can call us at 03 9798 8866 or 0435 811 838