Pets & Hygiene : Best Cleaning Tips For The Pet Owners

According to a study, pet owners are more likely to have lower stress levels, better overall health and high quality of life in comparison to the people who don’t have pets. On the other side, handling pets is difficult because they love to run around, play with anything that is visible and in the process, they can be the carriers to germs, allergens and lot of dirt. They can also end up leaving stains and odor on the upholstery, rugs, carpets, mattresses and hardwood.

Cleaning Tips For The Pet Owners

1) Upholstery and carpet cleaning: It is most important to clean away the pet stains from the carpets as soon as possible, to avoid the stain or the odor setting in for long. Try vinegar-baking soda spray or homemade citrus-enzyme cleanser on blood, vomit, stool and urine stains, specifically.

2) Air filters with built-in ionizers: These trap the airborne dust and reduce the pet odor in the home. They also minimise allergens and deliver refreshing air.

3) Pet hair and rubber gloves: Dampen the gloves and sweep the pet hair from the furniture, fabrics and drapes. DOn’t forget to thoroughly wash and dry the glove between uses.

4) Grime free beddings for the pets: The beds and beddings have the maximum amount of dust, germs and grime. To ensure a hygienic space for your pet, you can choose a bed with removable fabric cover. Clean regularly with vacuum and lint roller. For more ease, use pet-safe dryer sheets.

5) Use lavender oil for hygiene: Lavender oil works the best against ticks and fleas. Apply the essential oil regularly on your pet’s shoulder blades. The oil also works great to stimulate central nervous system and keep the pets calm.

You can have a clean and odorless environment, both for others and the pets. Stay up on cleaning the mess on regular basis and consult professional cleaning services when the things get difficult. For all types of effective cleaning services for your home, Request a quote now.